Bulent Hasan (left) & Josh Whittall (right) posing a the mythical "Men In Black" .



CRAZY PENCIL COMICS is a Vancouver, BC based comic book company,  creating unique and cinematic experiences in the form of graphic novels. 

Founded by Bulent Hasan when he started creating "BLACK PROJECT" in 2014, he brought in his friend and fellow filmmaker, Josh Whittall, in for dialogue writing. Both have a long history in the film industry here in Vancouver as writers, directors, and storyboard artists on multiple features, television series and video games. But they're more than that; they are also life long comic book fans.

Now they apply that aesthetic to their books,  cinematic in style, unique in their concept, binge worthy of a Netflix series, but tell them in a graphic novel format.  They also are taking advantage of new technologies to deliver that story experience, everything from traditional print media to the latest in e-book technology.

At Crazy Pencil Comics we don’t just create stories for you to read, we create experiences that you escape to!


The name came very simply to creator Bulent Hasan. Working on a production his team asked "where is the storyboard artist?" and his friend pointed and said "over there, that crazy guy with the pencil". The name stuck ever since.

We believe that everyone who thrives on being different, to stand out of the crowd, lets their imagination guide them,  dares to be bold, thinks outside of the box, and works at making  adventure a normal reality for them is a crazy pencil too! 



Creartor, Publisher Bulent Hasan

 BULENT HASAN (creator/ writer/ artist/publisher ) is a professional storyboard artist from Vancouver, BC. For the last decade he has worked on dozens of projects ranging from TV films, to advertising, Television episodes and Feature Films. His last few major projects were “Noelle" for Disney, “Legion” for Fox, “Legends Of Tomorrow” for The CW, and "Project Blue Book" for History Channel. A comics fanatic since childhood, Black Project is his first of many comic series.


Writer Josh Whittall

JOSH WHITTALL ( dialogue writer & story editor) has an extensive history in film as a 2nd Assistant Director, writer, director, producer and editor. His first independent film "The Gutter Diaries" went on to win awards at the New York Film festival as well as various international film festivals.  He is a fellow comic book creator whose own book, FATE, is currently available on Comixology and explores Government Conspiracies, alien abduction, and mystery.